PlerooConnect can facilitate timely, concise analysis and interpretation of medical images

The physicians who inspired the creation of PlerooConnect were motivated by limitations of the current medical image system: inadvertent, periodic delays in accessing medical images; difficulties in collaborating with peers; on-site only image viewing; and other shortfalls. They envisioned a better way to use and exchange medical images throughout complex healthcare systems. Their foundational objective was to create a robust, portable, nimble system enabled by technology that would provide radiologists and medical specialists with the analytic and image inspection tools found in a clinical setting.

Their goals led to the creation of PlerooConnect, a revolutionary platform that provides anywhere-anytime access to medical images. And PlerooConnect can enhance visual image inspection (visual perception) with a variety of settings and adjustments including zoom, brightness, contrast and frame-by-frame playback.

One of PlerooConnect’s key features is convenience. The application provides 24/7 access to medical images using a mobile device. It bridges the gap among specialists with a system that facilitates real-time collaboration and allows for timeliness of reporting.

We believe that PlerooConnect’s functionality, quality and flexibility can streamline the image interpretation process, expedite patient diagnosis, potentially reduce errors and improve patient care.

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