For Immediate Release: April 16, 2016


Medical Imaging Poised for Watershed Event with Launch of PlerooConnect Cloud-based Medical Image Access Software and Image and Data Storage Services


Innovative concept gives medical specialists access to medical images and image data, wherever and whenever they are needed


Medical imaging has been referred to one of the top developments that changed the face of clinical medicine during the past millennium. Clinical medicine is poised for another watershed event with the release of PlerooConnect, a new, innovative top-tier technology solution for healthcare’s medical imaging sector.

PlerooConnect (pronounced PLAY-roo-connect), a concept inspired by a team of cardiologists, other medical professionals and entrepreneurs, is a revolutionary cloud-based service that radically advances workflow related to medical images, image data and interpretations. PlerooConnect’s secure platform brings all the imaging resources formerly only available in a clinical setting together at a single access point on desktops and mobile devices—accessible anywhere and anytime. Users can access the application using a web browser regardless of their locations–worldwide.

This versatile and innovative application also bridges the gaps among specialists with a system that facilitates real-time and on-demand collaboration, which is becoming increasingly important in today’s trend toward coordinated care.

There are several beneficiaries of PlerooConnect technology including patients, clinicians and healthcare facilities. For example for heart patients, turnaround time from imaging to life-saving modalities can occur within minutes even if the cardiologist is off-site—or out of the country.

Even if the need for an interpretation isn’t urgent wait times for a comprehensive report can be significantly shortened with PlerooConnect. Dr. Jarrett Flood, medical doctor and business executive who is a member of the team responsible for PlerooConnect’s conception, commented on its practicality and value to patient care. “Waiting until Monday to view the results of an electrocardiogram taken on Friday is unnecessary; with PlerooConnect, this kind of delay doesn’t have to occur,“ said Dr. Flood.

Clinicians are no longer constrained by time or physical setting to view, interpret and share images and image data.  With anywhere-anytime access, medical professionals can access and review images on their own schedules.

For healthcare facilities that are constantly pressured to extract the maximum value from their capital expenditures, an investment in PlerooConnect is a straightforward economic justification. By any measure of Return on Investment (ROI), a Pleroo-Connect implementation can produce a wide range of paybacks and operational efficiencies including potential to increase revenue, industry recognition and other quantitative factors. Flat-rate pricing enables precise budget forecasting.

PlerooConnect’s cloud-based platform also results in significant cost savings on infrastructure and labor costs. The total cost of ownership (TCO) of cloud computing are inherently lower compared to acquisition, deployment and maintenance of physical infrastructure in traditional local data centers. Cloud computing has also been demonstrated to be more energy efficient than on-premise computing, and it has a smaller carbon footprint.

PlerooConnect offers seamless data migration with existing medical technology and has 24/7 unlimited support.


A video introduction to PlerooConnect is available online at Or contact a PlerooConnect executive for a personal demonstration. Inquiries can be made by phone to 844.757.5592.


About PlerooConnect

PlerooConnect was inspired by a team of cardiologists, other medical professionals and entrepreneurs who envisioned a high-definition system that would provide 24/7 mobile access to high-definition medical images and image data and streamline the medical imaging interpretation process. PlerooConnect’s function-rich software and cloud storage system meet the visionaries’ demands, challenges and expectations.


More information about PlerooConnect can be found at


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